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Confined Space Cleaning

Checking Atmospheric

Confined Space Demolition

Technician with Supplied Air Respirator
AWN Cleaning
AWN Tank

FUME CONTROL TECHNOLOGY, INC. (FCT) offers a wide range of Acid Waste Neutralization System (AWN), Double Containment Vault, Drain and Trench, as well as Chemical and Liquid Holding Tank cleaning services. As confined space projects can always incorporate a certain level of risk, all FCT personnel are extensively trained, certified, and equipped with proper safety equipment to enter enclosed spaces. Our technicians can provide Permit Required Confined Space cleaning, washing, rinsing and light repair of tanks. In addition, FCT has the capability to chemically clean tanks as well. All local, state, and federal regulations are strictly followed, and in most cases extended.

FCT utilizes different types of monitoring equipment and detection devices to determine any potential problems that may occur during tank cleanings. Our technicians use APR’s, SAR’s, and/or SCBA’s depending on the nature of the project. They also use the appropriate harness and personnel retrieval equipment during all work inside an enclosed space. We will provide all means to protect not just our personnel, but any other contractors and facility employee’s that may be affected by our service.

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