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Duct Cleaning, Blower Services, and Pressure Washing

FUME CONTROL TECHNOLOGY, INC. (FCT) personnel can offer a variety of pressure washing services. Our technicians can clean all types of equipment to remove dirt, grit, debris, and sedimentation. Our technicians clean all types of equipment pads, awnings, sidewalks, building exteriors, plumbing or ducting, HVAC systems, or any other type of external equipment. Clean equipment is easier to service and repair, runs smoother, and can potentially use less energy.

Our technicians are also experienced, extensively trained, and properly equipped with all the equipment necessary to clean all types of air ducting and HVAC systems. A variety of chemical and biological contaminates such as bacteria, fungi, dirt, and debris can potentially congest and block air ducts connected to fume scrubbers, exhaust blowers, or HVAC units. Our technicians can vacuum, decontaminate, and thoroughly clean all types air ducts to eliminate various particulate build-up that may contribute to decreased air filtration and airflow or inadequate ventilation through your building. . FCT technicians can also provide remediation or light repair of FRP, PVC- rigid and flexible, and Polypropylene Ducting. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your exhaust ducting can increase the efficiency of your scrubber and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

In addition, FUME CONTROL TECHNOLOGY, INC. (FCT) offers a wide range of Fan & Blower services for varied applications, ranging from fiberglass and galvanized blowers, to standard exhaust fans. It is important to periodically clean blower wheels to remove any buildup that may accumulate during the course of the year. Residual buildup as a result of manufacturing processes may throw a blower off-balance and adversely affect the performance and longevity of your equipment. Our experienced staff can provide, or help coordinate, the following services.

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